W68 – High Viscosity Oil


Silvertex W68 oil is a high performance needle and sinker oil consisting of highly refined paraffin-based mineral oils. The oil was specifically formulated with a higher viscosity for jacquard machines where a low viscosity oil would be a disadvantage.


The advantages of Silvertex W68 over normal knitting machine oils with a high content of emulsifiers are:-

    • Plastics

Silvertex W68 has no effect on plastics, very important on electronic selection machines with plastic parts and cables.

    • Paint

Silvertex W68 has no effect on paint. No more paint stripped from the machine by the emulsifiers in the oil.

    • Lycra┬«

Silvertex W68 has been rigorously tested by Du-Pont and was found to have no effect on Lycra® whatsoever.

    • Wear Properties

Silvertex W68 has been proven to have better lubrication and so give less wear on cams and needles, leading to longer needle life.

    • Water Contamination

Silvertex W68 does not gel and block oilers when in contact with water.

    • Less Consumption

Because of the better lubrication properties of Silvertex W68, less oil can be used on the machine, so saving costs.

    • Finishing

Silvertex W68 is emulsifiable, so conventional finishing routes can be used.